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401(k) Optimization

How FPA Benefits can help you work towards optimizing your 401(k) plan

We believe that the best corporate retirement plans are created when collaboration and information are the focal point. Working with you side-by-side, we will develop a quality process that allows you to make informed decisions about how to best align your company’s contributions to your 401(k) plan with your business, financial and tax objectives in mind.

Professionally involved and emotionally detached, we will guide you through the decision- making process as your collaborative partner. If at any time we feel that we are not the best retirement plan solution for your business, tax and financial needs - we’ll tell you.

Here’s what you can expect from our results-based approach:

  1. A. Initial assessment:
    • We provide you with the quantitative and subjective information to determine if we're the right choice.          
    • We ask that you: engage with us in a candid discussion about your current plan; tell us what the numbers would look like if your contribution objectives were met; provide us with copies of your current plan document, most recent annual valuation report, Form 5500 government filing and, if applicable, the audited plan report from your accounting firm.
    • Decision - Based on the quantitative plan design results that we present, subjective observations and our fees (which are quoted in advance), we ask that a decision be made whether or not to engage our services. It is most often apparent by this point in our collaboration whether or not FPA Benefits is the right firm for you.

  2. Implementation - We work with a team of attorneys and actuaries to help you put the necessary plan documents in place.  As your plan documentation is completed, you'll be working directly with a separate, dedicated group for your first year - a specialized team that understands the issues that can arise during a transition year, and how to best manage them.

  3. Ongoing Services – We work directly with a third-party administration firm who takes responsibility for completing the ministerial functions required by law. In addition, we strive to ensure your ongoing awareness of the costs and benefits of your company's retirement plan design. By tracking key metrics every year, we are able to identify trends - both positive and negative - and proactively offer alternatives to keep your plan on track to meet your quantitative and subjective objectives.